Do you have a silent killer in your property?

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer of at least 50 people a year across Britain.

If you have carbon fuelled appliances/heaters, BBQ’s, oil, paraffin or gas appliances this silent killer can be creeping through your property un-noticed.  It is odourless and colourless and often not noticed until it is almost too late.

Poor ventilation, ill-fitting appliances, enclosed spaces,  backdraft from outside heaters/BBQ’s, old unreliable appliances all can lead to gases seeping into living places.

It has been a landlords’ responsibility to take action, fit CO monitors and respond to tenants reports for some time now but under recent legislation landlord obligations are now much increased.  

It is a landlords’ responsibility to ensure all appliances in their property are fitted securely, fit for purpose and have been checked for safety of use.  No longer can a landlord leave appliances in their property that have not been checked for safety, that are not securely fitted or have no instructions. The old excuse of “it was left by a previous tenant” no longer applies.  Any appliances left in your flat at the start of a new tenancy are your responsibility.  

Landlords must be aware of what appliances they leave for tenants to use.  Did you know BBQ’s give off fumes? Do all tenants only use BBQ’s outside? They do give off fumes and  if used just outside the property the fumes can be sucked inside and the result can be the silent killer creeping through your rooms.

If in doubt remove it, don’t leave it.

Landlords must respond quickly to tenants reports of gas escapes, alarms sounding or just mere suspicions of CO emissions to ensure lifesaving action is taken but this is no longer sufficient.  More importantly, landlords must take action to reduce the risk of Carbon monoxide in their properties.

A landlord must now have carbon monoxide monitors in each room with a carbon fuelled appliance.  Not just a wee cheap alert system but landlords must at least fit fully enclosed Lithium battery operated alarm that comply with current legislation.  All monitors must be regularly checked and replaced as required.

Landlords must have all carbon fuelled appliances regularly checked for safety and secure fitting.  

Do you as a landlord know your current obligations?  If not contact us now for details. CO emissions may seem a small risk but the results can be deadly.

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