All things bright and beautiful

Is the wee room in your house bright and enticing?

Small dark rooms are off putting to buyers and tenants.  To be as successful as possible in letting and sales all rooms should be enticing.  Have you been to the door of the little room and looked in? Is it welcoming or is it just a wee room?

Often the wee room is the internal bathroom and the thought is “ its just a bathroom you don’t live in it”.  How wrong you are. This can be more off putting that the rest of the property is attractive and could lose you a let or a sale at the best possible price.

Always use light colours in decorating.  This makes the room warm and welcoming.

Dark décor and appliances should be avoided.  They might look great in a well-lit DIY warehouse but they will make a wee room dark and forbidding.

Don’t use low wattage energy saver bulbs.  These leave a gloomy glow

Old grout and sealant are eye catching for all the wrong reasons.  Remove the old and fit the new. Its only a small job but one that makes all the difference.

Is the toilet roll holder old, rusty or chipped?  If so, a cheap replacement will make all the difference.

Replace the toilet brush – huge must in a bathroom. Remove all the cleaning materials, old cloths etc

Add a few bright items – towel, pot of pourri or a new bathroom ornament.

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