Who would want an unwanted fire in their property. Regrettably in Britain today, the stats are telling us that too many families are daily fatalities.

As a landlord it is your responsibility to protect your tenant as much as possible.

Sofas and chairs can all too often be a seat of fire and not a comfy place to recline.

Landlords must ensure that all upholstered furnishings comply with the Fire and Furnishings Act 1988.  This mean leaving no cushions, sofas, bed etc. in the property if they do not have label on it that confirms it complies with current legislation.  

It hard to part with a lovely sofa, which looks new, but has no label on it. Or is it?  Would you rather lose a sofa to the rubbish bin or see your property go up in flames as a result of a dropped match.  A lost sofa is a lot less to cope with than a fire, even a little one.

If in doubt throw it out!

Don’t keep any upholstered furnishings that you are unsure of.  Don’t take a CHANCE.

Negligence by a tenant might indeed be the cause of a dropped match but non-compliant furnishings do not only go up in flames in a flash but also can give off fumes that kill in seconds.  The leaving of non-compliant furnishings is against the law and you as a landlord could face legal charges, non-payment of insurance and a guilty conscience for life.

If you are in doubt as to what can be left contact us now at 1-2-let for assistance